Frequently Asked Questions about the programme


What are the benefits of doing The Wise Hippo Sussex Hypnobirthing  Programme for me and my baby / babies?

I will teach you invaluable tools and techniques so you can really enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to the birth feeling calm and relaxed. These are tools and techniques for life and will help alleviate any fears or anxieties you may be feeling. I use my knowledge and expertise as a Midwife and  Clinical Hypnotherapist to guide you through the programme to experience a positive birth.

As you feel more relaxed and calm during your pregnancy your baby will benefit from all the increased feel good hormones; endorphin's and oxytocin being released, feeling secure and comfortable within your womb. 

Scientific research has also shown that these babies usually have a higher Apgar Score ( This is assessment your midwife will do, immediately at birth and at one minute to see how well your baby is adapting to the outside world .) Before attending the Wise Hippo Sussex, many women feel anxious about their babies birth. Within a few weeks of attending my course these anxieties have been alleviated and they are looking forward to the birth of their baby / babies. To see what past clients have said about the course and their births, please see the Testimonials page and the Wise Hippo Sussex Hypnobirthing Facebook page.

Please follow the link to see what midwives have to say about the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme and the difference its making to the births they attend.


How will The Wise Hippo Sussex help my partner?

The Wise Hippo Sussex Programme will enable your birthing partner to feel empowered and establish an important role in your pregnancy, birth and beyond. Promoting bonding as a family. The relaxation techniques and scripts I use will ensure your partner feels confident and calm and relaxed and looking forward to the birth and  being an advocate and protector for you.

Please  see the testimonial from one partner or  follow the link below to watch a clip about a partner who was sceptical about the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme.

Does The Wise Hippo Sussex Programme work if  I need intervention or have or booked for a caesarean?

All the Techniques and tools you learn and the practice you do prior to having your baby will ensure you feel calm, relaxed and in control of your birth so you will have a positive birth that is right for you and your baby on the day. All the tools and techniques will help you throughout life to remain emotionally in control.

Can you promise me a pain free birth?

No.. I am afraid no one can guarantee this, but do I know this is possible .. Yes ! With all the techniques and tools you learn will ensure you are relaxed and calm and have a positive birth.

Who is the Wise Hippo Sussex Programme suitable for?

EVERYONE. Whether you are first time mum, mother of multiples or had children before. All the techniques and tools work in different ways for each family, but it is beneficial for all. Whether you decide to have a home, hospital or Casearean.  The techniques and tools you will learn will ensure you feel calm, confident and empowered to birth the way you want to.

Will the Wise Hippo Sussex Programme help me with anxiety?

Yes - definitely. Many of my clients have suffered with those everyday worries, anxieties and 'what-ifs'. They have found these have been alleviated by practicing and using the tools and techniques in everyday life.

Can I attend the Wise Hippo Sussex course on my own?

Yes - you are welcome to attend the course on your own. The other option is your birthing partner to attend session 2 and 4.   I will provide you with a comprehensive handbook that your birthing partner can read , you will have access at to the 7 MP3's at home for your birthing partner to enjoy.