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This is a great charity❤Good evening lovely people, we hope you are all staying safe and well . ❤

This week we are especially low on the following:

❤Cots, Cotbeds (can be preloved)
❤Sheets to fit the above
❤New Childrens socks, underwear and pyjamas ( all ages )
❤Toiletries for adults and children (brand new)

The latter three items (and plenty of other things we need) can be purchased from our amazon wishlist and delivered straight to us.
If you have purchased from elsewhere, these items can be dropped in a bag outside our hub. Please don't make any non-essential journeys on our behalf, only if you are passing and can drop these to us in Cowfold.

🛑Please remember that we are closed for all other preloved donations except those explicitly requested here.🛑

If you message us about donations of other items we may not respond at this very busy time.

Thank you so so much for your continued support! Love from Team TLT.


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Unfortunately the homebirth service is suspended currently in area due to the pandemic. This is a short video of the midwives at the birthing led unit at East Surrey reassuring you with regards to the lovely birth unit there. It is also great to hear the lead midwife encouraging families to explore and use HypnoBirthing 😊. ...

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This came up on my facebook today,saying it was a year ago today. It brought up so many happy memories and mixed emotions,how time flies and our how life has changed since this Wise Hippo Sussex gathering. I wanted to say to all the new families and families that I have supported, well done to each and everyone of you. It will pass and there is lots of hope for the future. Remember your 54321.... waves of relaxations and please do feel free to contact me if you would like any support or just a chat. I am here for you. Once we allowed and it is safe to do so I will be holding a wonderful Wise Hippo Sussex Gathering to celebrate you all and share lots of tea and cakes. Take care Love Jo xxx ...

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The strength and the support a birth partner 😊 . The Wise Hippo Sussex HypnoBirthing programme is for birth partners aswel as mums we spend time preparing birth partners in ways to support you .What an awesome image of a united team working together ❤️ partner catching baby, mama working hard and her mama breathing with her and holding her 🤍

#Repost @theladoula
Repost from @mountain.doula

I am absolutely in love with this powerful moment so beautifully captured.
When mamas are deep in their labor, I remind them to harness the power of every womxn around the world laboring with them, of the womxn who came before, and those who will come after.
I love how her mother is here, breathing with her. Filling her with strength.
Thank you @jandb_photos and @doula_mama_fr for sharing ♥️💛

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LLLGB welcomes the news today that guidance around Covid-19 vaccinations and breastfeeding has been updated.

Women who are breastfeeding can be given either of the Covid-19 vaccines that are currently authorised for use in the UK if they meet the other conditions for receiving the vaccine.

We are very grateful to those who have been working hard behind the scenes to bring about change to the guidance that will make a real difference to many families by offering them choices. Both the Oxford/Astra Zeneca vaccine and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine can be given to breastfeeding mothers.

“Women who are breastfeeding can also be given the vaccine. “

“The JCVI has also amended its previous highly precautionary advice on COVID-19 vaccines and pregnancy or breastfeeding [....] The UK Chief Medical Officers agree with this advice.”


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