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⚠️ BSUH Maternity Visiting policy update: labour ward/delivery suite at PRH and RSCH.

Correct at the time of posting.

➡️ Subject to change dependant on UK Government Covid-19 (Coronavirus) guidance.

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For those families choosing to birth at BSUH x🖥 The first of our Facebook Lives on our new Midwives Hour page this morning.

Head over to Midwives Hour on Facebook to watch it if you missed it live.

We look forward to doing many more of these, weekly if possible.

🤗 Thank you Midwives Katy and Jane and for everyone who asked questions.


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During my course I will explore all your choices , home, birthing centre and hospital , it is about understanding these choices and choosing a place that you feels right of you.⭐️Booking a Homebirth ⭐️

Have a look on our Instagram page, homebirth highlights for birth stories.

➡️ bit.ly/2Bsh926

❓ Want to know more about your birth options?

🤰🏽Speak to your community midwife when you next see them.

 🖥 Have a look on our website for useful information

📝 Do your own research, ask friends and colleagues about their experiences, start to write down a few thoughts and questions to ask your Midwife to help you make informed choices that are right for you.

✅ Benefits of booking a Homebirth

1) You get to stay at home!

🏡 If home feels like the right place for you to be; it can be a great place to labour and give birth in, if all is well. This can be good for partners as well as the person in labour. We often see labour progress well when people are relaxed because they then produce more Oxytocin, and therefore Endorphins (natural pain killers) too, which in turn helps labour to happen and helps them to cope with it.

🌈 When it comes to giving birth, everyone is unique. Some people feel more relaxed at home, some in the hospital. Some in a pool, some out of the pool. Some people decide to have an epidural. Some plan a C-section. Some read and watch everything and do every course they can. Some read nothing!

🌻 The most important thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong way to give birth. We aim to listen to you, guide you and support you in YOUR choices.

2) You don’t have to stay at home!

🏥 Everyone is different, some people realise they might feel better labouring in hospital and change their mind in labour at home and want to go in. Some even might have booked a homebirth and change their mind before going into labour. It’s completely fine and we will support you as best we can. Booking a homebirth gives you EXTRA options and never takes away the option to access hospital care.

3) You don’t have to sterilise and waterproof your entire house, you only need to prepare a safe area about the size of a double bed and this can be moved if you change room and midwives will happily follow you around fixing up nests, undoing them and rebuilding them for you.

4) You don’t actually need much stuff. A pile of old towels and cheap shower curtains are probably the main essentials that we recommend.

All we really need is running water, electricity and safe access as well as good lighting. We bring our specialist Midwifery equipment that we need with us.

For a more detailed list of what might be useful for you to prepare, have a look at the homebirth section of our website.


5) When you give birth you will have two experienced Midwives present, focused on you and your baby’s wellbeing. If they have concerns about you or your baby, they will discuss possible transfer into hospital.

6) You don’t need to travel into hospital to see if you are in labour, because Homebirth midwives will come to you to see how you are. If you aren’t quite in labour yet, we will give you practical support and encouragement.

7) You have much more choice of spaces and atmosphere to labour in as you can go just about anywhere in your home.

Homebirth midwives are very used to supporting babies being born on stairs and hallways and in small bathrooms. They will go wherever you want to. We have even supported labouring people in their gardens in lovely sunshine. We have attended births in houses, flats, and even Boats.

8) Homebirth midwives are well-trained and manage emergencies (these are rare) and challenges in labour the same way as their brilliant hospital colleagues. There are less than a handful of true emergencies in childbirth and we monitor for these closely and act quickly when needed. According to the Birthplace study (see link below), for low risk women, “adverse outcomes for the baby were uncommon across all birth settings in England and affected fewer than 1 in 250 births to low risk women”. The study also confirms that for “low risk women having their second or subsequent baby, a planned home birth did not increase the risks for the baby, it reduced the interventions for the mother and the chance of transfer to an obstetric unit was low”. Birth will ultimately always be unpredictable, but midwives observe closely and plan ahead.

9) Our Homebirth service won the RCM award for excellence and we have one of the highest rates in the UK, so our Midwives are very used to attending birth at home in different environments paying attention to different birth plans, which range from waterbirths, and following hypnobirthing or other specific birth wishes. We are used to being quiet when you need us, and dodging pets wandering in and out, shushing the Postman knocking at the door and giving support and encouragement in the way you want us to.

10) You get to cosy up in your own bed afterwards, this can be lovely for partners and siblings too as the family doesn’t need to be separated. Midwives stay with you for a minimum of two hours after birth to make sure all is well with you and your baby, and make a plan of when to visit or phone next. At any point if you have immediate concerns about you or your baby, you can still access urgent maternity care.

🌟 Just because you are home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t access specialist Midwifery or medical care when you need it.

➡️ Summary of Birthplace Study


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Hello everyone,
Just an update for those choosing to birth at BSUH, either PRH or RSCH . The trust is now allowing birthing partner’s in to the antenatal and postnatal wards for one hour slots . This will be arranged with you individually. 😊

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