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1 week ago
Twins & Multiple Births Association (Tamba)

TAMBA is a fantastic charity . They were a great support for me when I was pregnant with my twins and afterwards . I am very lucky to work for them . I would definitely recommend anyone expecting ... See more

If you feel as though you're struggling and would like to talk to someone about anything related to multiples you can call our Twinline volunteers on 0800 138 0509. They can offer a much-needed ... See more

1 week ago
The Practising Midwife Journal

Hello ❤️

We follow lots of #birthphotograhers & even though we are seasoned babycatchers, we are always in awe of images like this. Love, love, love #havingababy #childbirth #midwives #doulas ... See more

1 week ago
Birth Time

This is great and so important ; well worth a watch.

It’s Time!!! The Birth Time Trailer has officially launched!!

We would love your thoughts - simply leave us a comment under the video. And please help us by sharing this - we need your ... See more

2 weeks ago
Sweet Wrappers

Looking for free, expert breastfeeding support in Haywards Heath? The Sweet Wrappers Monday Drop-In team are here to help! Our team are: Julie Williams (IBCLC Lactation Consultant), Janet Everest ... See more

2 weeks ago

💕 WOW! My Autumn courses are now all fully booked. If there is enough demand I will look at adding an extra four week course in November, so do let me know if you are interested. Otherwise I’ll ... See more

3 weeks ago
Sweet Wrappers

Come on down to the Sling library at the Harvester in Hayward’s Heath 10-12 for some fantastic support.

Meet today’s team! Oodles of #postnatal support waiting for you at our free and friendly drop-in. See website home page for details ( link in bio ). #slinglibrary #carryingconsultant #midwife ... See more

1 month ago
Birth Undisturbed Ch 2 'THE WHITECHAPEL WOMAN' Birth in Victorian London (Contains Birth FX)

This short video and image is recreating the birth that the influential obstetrician Grantly Dick -Read was present at which changed his opinion about birth. His work and philosophy was so important ... See more

In the second installment of photo series "Birth Undisturbed", we go back a century to the scene of a poor London woman in 1911 birthing in a squalid, waterl...

1 month ago
Brighton Sling Babies

Some great advice for carrying your baby after a Caesarean birth. ❤

1 month ago
The Scanning Room

I would highly recommend Lynsey at The scanning room , she is a midwife and a sonographer with a huge amount of experience.

2 months ago

Happy 70th Birthday to the NHS. I am proud to be have been part of such a wonderful healthcare for the last 25 years, despite it's challenges we are very lucky to have the NHS.